Rousseau versus Rousseau

Rousseau versus Rousseau is a short film, produced by Rita Productions  and the Haute école d’Art et de Design of Geneva (CH) for the series La Faute à Rousseau. Follow this link if you want to buy the dvd.


Plot: The philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau is landing in a boat at his beloved Ile Saint-Pierre, on Lake Biel, when he meets another Rousseau, the painter Henri, known as “le Douanier” (the customs officer). There follows an anachronistic encounter between the painter and the philosopher, in whose eyes the representation of nature should be faithful, whereas for the painter it is open to the imagination. Then the black flute player appears. Is she a living apparition or just an accidental stain of paint?

Directed and edited by: Lukas Tiberio Klopfenstein
Special effects: Lukas Tiberio Klopfenstein
Written by: Clemens Klopfenstein
Executive producer: Clemens Klopfenstein
Produced by: Ombra-films, Rita productions.
Assistant director: Lorenz Cuno Klopfenstein
Starring: Max Rüdlinger, Peter Wyssbrod, Gerlinka Neumeyer, Giulia Lemon.

Calligraphic titles: James Clough
Painter/scenographer: Giovanni Occhiuzzi
Tailor (Max Rüdlinger): Lidia Scudellaro
Tailor (Gerlinka Neumeyer): Sartoria San Giorgio
Unit still photographer: Giulia Castiglioni

Spoken language: without dialog
Length: 6 min.
Version: HDcam, Dvd
Genre: Fiction