Il libro deve morire per nascere a nuova vita

Il libro deve morire per nascere a nuova vita (The book has to die to be born again) is the final project of my bachelor studies in “Visual communication” at SUPSI, Lugano (CH) and represents the will to combine different techniques and competences. The project was born inside Josef Weiss’ atelier, a well-known pressman and bookbinder living in Mendrisio (CH). The project consists in the combination of three different elements: a documentary, a poster and a book, entirely printed with traditional letterpress technique and hand-binded. A tribute to Josef Weiss and to the ancient art of book-making, an art that struggles for existence in our digital era.

Supervisor: Alberto Bianda
Co-supervisor: Piotr Bugno

Directed and edited by: Lukas Tiberio Klopfenstein
Produced by:
Lukas Tiberio Klopfenstein
Starring: Josef Weiss

Spoken language: Italian
Subtitles: English
Length: 6:14
Genre: Documentary

World premiere: Locarno Film Festival 2013 (“Schools without borders” programm) (CH).
Swiss premiere:
Centovalli Film Festival 2013 (CH).
 Sofia Paper Art Fest 2013 (BG), Notte bianca Locarno 2013 (CH), Centovalli Film Festival 2013 (CH), Goethe Institut Sofia (BG) 17 may 2013, Roten Haus Monschau (GE) 18 may 2013, Galerie Photosynthesis Sofia (BG)  22-24 may 2013 , Locarno Film Festival 2013 (Schools without borders programm) (CH), OtherMovie Lugano Film Festival 2013 (CH), Festival internazionale del cortometraggio di Resana (IT), Festival internazionale del cortometraggio “Fiaticorti” (IT).