Figures in a nightscape

Figures in a nightscape is a shortfilm commemorating the anniversary of the film guild in Biel (CH), founded in 1949.

Sinopsis: A film club offers midnight screenings. Afterwards, the members make their way home alone through the empty streets of the city. A poetic film about the nocturnal urban landscape of a medium-sized, middle-class Swiss city. And does something happen this time on their way home – or not? Film or reality? Or a film in a film? Or a film in the cinema?

Directed and edited by: Lukas Tiberio Klopfenstein
Visual effects: Lukas Tiberio Klopfenstein
Written by: Clemens Klopfenstein
Executive producer: Clemens Klopfenstein
Produced by: Filmgylde Biel, Ombra-Films.
Starring: Peter Wyssbrod, Ben Jeger, Diego Tenebrae (Diego Fratini), Giulia Lemon (Giulia Castiglioni) and Dominic Schmid.
Soundtrack: Giulio Catarinelli

Spoken language: without dialog
Length: 19:43 min.
Version: HDcam, Dvd
Genre: Fiction

World premiere: 48. Solothurn Film Festival (nominated for the “Upcoming Talent” prize)
Festivals: 48. Solothurn Film Festival, Notti bianche di Locarno 2012.

ISAN 0000-0002-E4B2-0000-4-0000-0000-P