Be natural

Be natural is a interactive short film created during the last year at SUPSI university, Lugano (CH). The short film represents the will to translate the financial worldwide crisis to a video spot that motivates people to face the crisis by going back to basics

Directed and edited by: Lukas Tiberio Klopfenstein, Giovanni Occhiuzzi
Special effects: Lukas Tiberio Klopfenstein, Giovanni Occhiuzzi
Director of photography: Lukas Tiberio Klopfenstein
Written by: Lukas Tiberio Klopfenstein, Giovanni Occhiuzzi
Produced by: SUPSI, Lugano
Starring: Angel Martin, Giovanni Occhiuzzi, Antonella Barone, Giulia Galli and Antonio Giorgio Pesce Costa.
Music: Giulio Catarinelli and
Festival: Film Festival Centovalli 2012 (CH), Film Festival Locarno 2012 (“Schools without borders” programm) (CH), Foscari Short Film Festival 2012 (IT), Notte bianca Locarno 2013 (CH).

Language: English
Length: 3:51 min. / 3:40 min.
Version: Dvd
Genre: Fiction